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Project Registration

The project register is aimed at providing relevant and reliable information on the Construction Industry to enable the Board effectively achieve its registration, regulation and development functions and ensure compliance of developers and contractors to provisions of the Contractors Registration Act. Under the law, all projects of a value equal to or exceeding TShs. 10 million must be registered and be issued with a Project Registration Sticker

Salient Features of Project Registration.

  1. Requirement and Eligibility:Registration of Projects is a Legal requirement enforceable through the CRB By laws. All Public and Private funded projects with the value of Tshs. 10m and above have to be registered
  2. Who is to register: The responsibility of registering a project with the board lies with the Contractor or Sub Contractor (both Nominated and Domestic) who has been awarded the project.
  3. Application Forms: Project Registration Forms are available countrywide free of charge through CRB Offices in Dar es Salaaam (HQ and Eastern Zonal office, Mwenge), CRB Zonal Offices in Mbeya, Mwanza, Arusha and Dodoma. The forms can also be downloaded from the CRB Website in Downloads/Form
  4. Submission: A contractor is required to submit a complete, dully filled with attachments application to register a project to any of the CRB Offices not later than 14 days after being awarded a contract and receiving a letter of Acceptance and before commencement of any works. The application should be accompanied with a non refundable processing fee depending on the Total project value as per design estimates.
  5. Processing: Processing of the application is done within 3 days of receipt of an application. Successful applicants are given a Project Registration Number and a Project Registration Sticker to be affixed on the Project Signboard.
  6. Non-Approval for Registration: In the event that the application is not approved, the applicant shall be informed on the reasons for not being approved and the applicant will be required to rectify the shortfalls within 14 days from the day the application was rejected.
  7. Placing of sticker:It is a statutory requirement that the Project Registration Sticker is affixed on the Project signboard adjacent to the Contractor’s Name.
  8. Updating of Information:On completion, extension, termination or suspension of the project, the Contractor shall inform the Board in writing by filling feedback forms to enable the Project Register to be updated. Forms for Project feedback are available at all CRB Offices and our website Downloads/Form
  9. Non –Compliance to Project Registration requirements:Failure to register a project and to affix sticker on the signboard, attracts a penalty as stipulated in the bylaws. Failure to provide feedback to the Board on status of the Project i.e. Completion, Suspension, Termination, etc is also an offence attracting a penalty.
  10. Guidelines:Detailed guidelines on Project Registration ,Application Forms and feedback forms are available on the Our website

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