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A: Project

Any project involving construction, erection, installation or alteration of any structure or other works connected therewith, for public, commercial use or otherwise shall be executed/carried out by a Registered Contractor.

B: Restriction on Carrying Out Construction Works Without Being Registered.

• Section 22(1) (d) creates an offence regarding persons who carry out construction, installation and erection activities without being registered.

• Section 20(4) of the Contractors Registration (Amendment) Act No. 15/2008 provides that it is an offence for employers or developers to engage unregistered persons/firm. Such person/firm is guilty of an offence and upon conviction is liable to a fine not exceeding 10% of the contract/project value of Five Million Shillings whichever is higher or to imprisonment for a term not less than Three years or to both fine and imprisonment.

C: Rules of Conduct of Registered Contractors

Any Registered Contractor upon being awarded a project shall;

Erect the signboard to display the project information to the public,

Register the project with the Board and affix the registration sticker on the signboard.

Hoard/secure the construction project premises (with barricades, safety tapes, detour marks, nettings and temporary hedges) to prevent damages and provide safe access neighbours.

Provide every employee with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Ensure that the accident register, fire fighting and hygienic facilities are provided at site.

Ensure there is no negligence leading to poor work, breakage or destructions.

Failure to observe the Rules and Conduct shall constitute an offence punishable by appropriate statutory penalties.

D: Code of Ethics of Registered Contractors.

Every registered contractor shall;

Uphold and advance the integrity, honour and dignity of human welfare; serving the public and employers with fidelity.

Perform their duties giving utmost consideration to safety, health and welfare of their workmen and the general public.

Refrain from corruption/corrupt practices and unfair completion with others.

E: PowerOf The Board To Cancel Registration.

Section 13 (1 -2 ) specifically vests the Board with powers to cancel Registration of contractor for the following reasons:

• Contractors failure to notify the Registrar of current address within a period of six months from the date of an enquiry sent by the Registrar.

• Request by the contractor to be deleted.

• Failure to pay annual subscription fees for a period of one year.

• Failure to meet current registration criteria.

• Been found by to Board to be guilty for contravening the provision of the Act or its by-laws.

• To acquire registration fraudulently.

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