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The Contractors Registration Board is a Government Regulatory Board under the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication established by Act of Parliament No 17 of 1997 with the objective to register and regulate all types of Contractors and to promote the development of their capabilities for the purpose of protecting consumers of construction services in Tanzania.

The Contractors Registration Board (CRB) was established by the act of Parliament No. 17 of 1997 as ammended in 2008 The Board is a Regulatory body charged with responsibility for registration, regulation and development of Contractors. The Board has its head office located 3rd floor, Tetex House, Pamba Road, Dar-es-salaam and zonal offices at Dar-es-salaam, Mwanza, Mbeya, Dodoma and Arusha region.

To be a leading Institution in the development and regulation of Contractors in the Region.

To regulate and develop a competitive and sustainable Contracting Industry with capable contractors who deliver quality works and observe safety in pursuit of eceonomic growth.

Team Work

-We believe in working as a team helping each other to overcome difficulties and achieve common goal


-We believe in life long learning.

-We upgrade our skills and knowledge so that we can give our best to those we serve


-We respect each other and show concern for another's well being.

-We have trust and confidence in one another's ability.

-We value and appreciate each others contribution.


-We seek new and creative ideas to improve our products and services


-Our customers are foremost in our minds. We strive for the highest professional standards in the delivery of our servises that satisfy our customers

Corporate Functions of CRB

In the pursuit of its objectives, The corporate functions of CRB can be summarised as follows.

    -To register Local and Foreign contractors working in the construction industry.

    -To regulate the activities and conduct of contractors in the construction industry.

    - set criteria for registration of contractors in different classes and review these criteria from time to time.

    -To verify and ensure that all works are undertaken by registered contractors.

    -To ensure that all construction works comply with the governing laws and regulation.

    -To review the performance of registered contractors from time to time.

    -To develop the skills and capacity of Local Contractors.

    -To liase and interact with Local and Foreign professional Boards and Associations related to the construction industry.

    -To publish and disseminate information related to the construction industry.

Corporate Governance

CRB is committed to good corporate governance and has put in place various self regulatory and monitoring mechanisms to achieve this objective. The institution is lead by the Board of Directors who have the responsibility of providing strategic guidance to management. This entails the approval of annual activities and financial plans and budgets in accordance to its strategic plan, monitoring of strategic outputs, financial performance and internal control procedures and reviewing CRB's performance and its levels of responsibility and accountability as a public body. The Board of Directors is guided by the Board Charter.

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