Processing Application

Preliminary review
The applicant shall return a duly filled, signed and stamped application to the board for assessment. An application shall be considered complete, ready for evaluation and submission to the board, only if the application form has been properly filled, curruculum vitae forms have been properly filled, and all necessary attachements submitted. The secretariat shall inform the applicant to submit any data which is missing or is inadequately submitted using form CRB-F11.
Validity of Application
Applicants failing to submit complete data within 12 months from the date of submission will have their applications dismissed. Should they still wish tobe registered they will have to file a fresh application.
Data Verification
The next step is to obtain indepedent comments and recommendations from refereers, clients and consultants proposed by the applicant using standard forms, CRB-F7 and CRB-F8
Inspection of Applicant's Premises and Facilities

At least two offices of the Board shall visit and inspect the offices, workshopes, yard, properties and projects executed or other facilities of the applicant

For first registration in classes Four through Seven or upgrading to class four, five and Six, the Board may request Regional Engineers or any other competent person to do the inspections.
Apllicant shall provide local transport for physical visit to his premises, projects sites and other facilities.
Any person who makes the inspection is require to fill the inspection form prescribed in form CRB-F9
Data Evaluation
When the inspection of offices, establisement and projects have been completed, the secretariat will evaluate the data collected and compare it against the criteria for registration to recommend a proper class of registration or upgrading.
Board's Approval
The Board shall consider the recommendations made by the secretariat for registration of any contractor and make a decision as appropriate.
Applicants whose application have been approved by the Board will be notified immediatelly by post and asked to pay, within sixty days, Registration Fees and Annual Subscription Fees commensurate with the Class, Type and Category of Registration as set out in the Schedule and as may be reviewed by the Board from time to time.
Note: Payments shall be made in Cash or by Bank draft, Telegraphic Transfer, Postal Order or local Bank cheque. 
Payment by Bank Cheques will only become effective after it has been cleared by the bank and money credited to the account of the Board.
An applicant who fails to pay the prescribed registration fees and annual subscription fees within sixty (60) days shall have his approval revoked.
Registered contractor will be issued with a Registration Certificate within two weeks after making payment.