Objectives and Functions

Corporate Functions of CRB
In the pursuit of its objectives, The corporate functions of CRB can be summarised as follows.
  •  To register Local and Foreign contractors working in the construction industry.
  •  To regulate the activities and conduct of contractors in the construction industry.
  •  To set criteria for registration of contractors in different classes and review these criteria from time to time.
  •  To verify and ensure that all works are undertaken by registered contractors.
  •  To ensure that all construction works comply with the governing laws and regulation.
  •  To review the performance of registered contractors from time to time.
  •  To develop the skills and capacity of Local contractors.
  •  To liase and interact with Local and Foreign professional Boards and Associations related to the construction industry.
  •  To publish and disseminate information related to the construction industry.
Corporate Governance
CRB is committed to good corporate governance and has put in place various self regulatory and monitoring mechanisms to achieve this objective.The institution is lead by the Board of Directors who have the responsibilty of providing strategic guidance to management.This entails the approval of annual actiovities and financial plans and budgets in accordance to its strategic plan, monitoring of strategic outputs , financial performance and internal control procedures and reviewing CRB's performance and its levels of responsibilty and accountability as a public body.The Board of Directors is guided by the Board Charter.