Granting Dispensations

Procedures for Granting Dispensations
The Board, may on exceptional circumstances, grant dispensation in respect of performance of contractors beyond class limits upon being satisfied that a particular contractor deserves to be granted such dispensation. Applications under this part shall be made for bona fide contractors by clients and shall contain the following information.
  •  - A summary of the nature and the scope of the works
 - Consultants estimated prior to tendering
 - Consultants written recommendation to the client on short listing of contractors. This shall include the names, addresses and      classes of registration of the recommended contractors
 - Final decision of the client on the recommended shortlist
 - Written proof of invitation to tender as sent to short -listed tenderers
 -  Results of tender opening, showing who were present at opening, their representations, tabulated tender figures and any other    special conditions accompanying the tenders
 - Consultants evaluation results and recommendation to the client
 - Client's provisional decision to award the tender to the contractor who needs dispensation.
Review of Contractors
Review of registered contractors is done to ascertain the status as was during the time of registration and as conveyed through the Annual Return Forms. Currently a review is taking place for contractors formerly registered by the defunct National Board of Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Building Contractors as well as Civil and Electrical Contractors registered by the Ministry of Works. A review when done on these contractors will be done for the current class that they are in, and are retained in the same class if possible, else upgraded or downgraded.
Upgrade of Contractors
During the course of time some contractors may apply for upgrade to higher classes. This can happen with the acquisition of new/improved facilities, new personnel joining, wider exposure etc. To enable upgrade, the entire procedures involved in the process of registration will have to be carried out for the contractor to enable upgrades