Classification of Contractors

Types of Contractors
There are five types of contractors, namely:
 Building Contractors
 Civil Works Contractors
 Mechanical Contractors
 Electrical Contractors
 Specialist Contractors
Categories of Contractors
There are two main categories: 
  •  Local Contractors
  •  Foreign Contractors 
Local Contracting firms are those whose majority shares are owned by citizens of the United Republic of Tanzania. Firms not meeting these criteria will be registered as a foreign one. 
Temporary Registration
CRB also allows in for a procedure called Temporary registration wherein foreign firms incorporated outside Tanzania wishing to undertake specific contracted jobs provided they meet the following conditions.
 The firm has a Certificate of Compliance from the Registrar of Companies showing that, the firm is, or immediately prior to entering Tanzania was, trading as a contractor in the capacity that satisfies the board of the firm's fitness to serve the public as a qualified contractor.
 The firm has in its employment, only those expatriates, whose qualifications and skills are not available in Tanzania.
 The firm has lodged an affidavit with the Board, that once the firm has completed the specific contract shall wind-up its business and not engage in any other contracting business unless it applies for permanent registration.
Temporary registration of a firm shall entitle it to undertake work only for the duration or period of the contracted works, as directed by the board. On the expiration of the contractual works, that firm shall cease to have the registration status and shall return the Registration Certificate to the board. 
Classification of Contractors
There are seven classes for Building, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical contractors. For the Specialist contractors there are only three classes. Foreign contractors are restricted to classes one and two in the former types and to one, two and three in the latter type.