ARF 2018-2019


In a bid to reduce operating costs and ensure that contractors operate more efficiently, the Contractors Registration Board would like to inform all contractors that Annual Return Forms for the financial year 2018/19 will be submitted online. This will relieve contractors of related costs e.g. postage, printing, travel, time, etc. Printed forms will neither be sent to contractors nor will they be available on the Board website.

To access the system online, the contractor will use the URL or follow the same link through for registration to use the system. From the pop-up dialogue box, the user will select ‘‘Register’’ to create an account by filling-in all required information and “Submit” whereby username ID and password will be sent to the user’s email address initially provided in the registration.

To fill-in the ARF online, the registered user will “Login” through the aforementioned URL or link by entering the username ID and password. From the display page, the user will click “ARF” from “Create new ARF”’ button and enter the details as required and “Submit” upon completion.

The submitted ARF will be thoroughly reviewed before acknowledgement of receipt by the Board. Feedback on a successful or unsuccessful submission will be sent back to the registered user. The user must rectify as necessary until when the submission is successful and the Board acknowledgement is received. The online submission must be done by the Managing or Technical Director.

The same instructions on how to access the system and filling the form online are also available on the Board’s website

The deadline for online submission of Annual Return Forms for the year 2018/19 is on 30th September 2019.